Murphy’s Law


I woke up this morning with a spiritual song in my head. It might be there in my head repeatedly throughout the day. It can be so annoying. Sometimes it is very pleasant like the one I kept hearing as I got out of bed. I really don’t mind it if its words are important words that I can use, meditate on or find true meaning in my life today or just let them be. When we fight it then this will be repeating on and on and on the more that we hear it.
Let it be

What about murphy’s law? You wake up and nothing seems to be going your way and your frustrated so much that you want to throw in the towel and maybe go back to bed. If you can decide for yourself that it is indeed, “a Murphy’s Law” kind a situation, then you are in for a day full of failure and mishaps. What do you do with it? I mean isn’t it all up to you right? If you strongly believe in “Murphy’s Law” I bet, you think that the whole day is going to be messed up. Maybe the toast is burnt, or you nick your knee on a chair or you’re late for work and don’t have enough time to stop and get a coffee.
It’s probably named after this guy who happens to have those problems. Perhaps he thought that these things only happen to him and so he created a name for that which always happens to him. He must have told someone else about it in conversation. Then that person kind a says, that was interesting, and he then thought that it also happens to him sometimes. It’s funny how a silly idea can affect you so that if your day is starting wrong then you think for sure that the whole day is ruined.
I really believe that is a “placebo effect”. If you’re given a pill by a doctor to help something that has been bothering, you for a while now. You do not know that the pill is a placebo, so you really believe and trust in your doctor that this pill is going to work. So, you set out to take this pill and, “low-and-behold” it is working so well. Then the doctor told you that it was sugar pill and nothing more. What do you think about that?
I believe that our minds are amazing and have the ability to change how we feel and act toward any given situation like having a bad day. If you believe in something strongly your mind will make it so. The unconscious mind does not know the difference between the truth and lie. It believes whatever you tell it and then it will act in a way toward that believed truth. So, if a few problems come up at the beginning of the day, do you have to assume that it will turn out the same for the whole day. Your brain might be doing as you told it to do causing you to pay attention to all those mishaps because you told it to. So, what if you did the opposite and you told your subconscious mind I will not let anything that goes wrong ruin my whole day and most assuredly your brain will do what you told it to do and your day is going to be great.
We all have the power to change the way we think by letting those powerful happy thoughts in and even if a few things go wrong you don’t have to label it. Just look at it differently.

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