Show You Have Courage


Everything is going well, so far, with my new therapist. I’ve decided to write about my sessions in hopes that it will not only help me to express myself but also to validate and encourage others. It’s a big step, going to therapy. The brave and courageous are usually the ones that seem to choose therapy. If a person chooses therapy, that is not some defect in them. It’s not a bad thing to have to do. I am grateful for therapy. The therapist actually listens to me and validates what I am going through now and what I went through in the past. I didn’t have that in my childhood. Children suffer in silence because of fear. A person suffers in their adult life as the aftermath of that trauma. There is help available. Sad to say, there are a lot of other people out there who either do not have the therapy option or don’t know that they do. So many people suffer in silence their whole life. Other people think they can get through trauma on their own and judge others for going but their adult life is a mess. Not everyone has the courage to go to therapy. I commend all that do. It is not a weakness to go to therapy. It’s a strength!


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