Snow, Snow, Snow



It snowed here in this little town of Nortfield Ct USA. I live in the northeast part of the country. Winters are usually very cold and snowy. When we have the right kind of snow, the snowball kind of snow, the trees are all draped with the most amazing beauty. I don’t like the cold and a winter without snow is very drab, long and depressing. There is an aweful grayness to everthing. I always hope for sunny days in the winter because it makes a cheerful difference in my day.

I am longing for spring already. The nice thing about where I live is that I get to enjoy all four seasons and the beauty that they bring. Did you ever glance at the snow while on a walk. It sparkles and sparkles to reveal our heavenly fathers care for us in creating such a joy in our lives. I love sparkle. Even after  an ice storm, when the sun comes out, the trees look amazing with their crystal-like brillance. I am always in awe of it.

Well speaking of snow, I had a therapy appointment today but canceled on the count of snow. I take my golden retriever, Molly, with me and she is my emotional support dog and is allowed to come with me. She is amazing.

I am going through EMDR (EYE MOVEMENT DESENSITIZATION AND REPROCESSING). It is used for many reason now but I am doing to work severe sexual child abuse. My diagnosis is CPTSD, (COMPLEX POST TRAMATIC STRESS DISORDER). Thus far, it has been very helpful. I feel as though little by little, I am getting a life different than what I have been suffering for decades. I am excited about the time when I have worked through all the memories so that I can do something different with my life. I don’t identify myself with just being a patient. That is not who I am. However, I need to discover who I am. This can be a process in-of-itself. I am very hopeful.

What about you, the reader, Whats your story. I would be honored to have you follow my blog and honored for you to share your story with me and others.

Sometimes people read your blog and really enjoyed your post but sometimes forget to hit like. All of us writers look forward to these likes. They help to build confidence in our writing and the content that we share.


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