“Its a small world after all”


My husband had to get his hair cut today and he had some errands to run so he asked if I would go with him because he wanted us to go out to dinner later. Then he wouldn’t have to come all the way home to pick me up. So, I went. The stylist who does his hair is a very close friend of ours. I have not seen her in a while. I asked how her husband was and I think I asked the wrong question. I won’t go into any detail about what she has been going through for privacy sake. However, just listening to her talk about the great difficulties she’s having with her very ill and aging husband made me think a lot about how I react to my own difficult issues sometimes. I know that it’s not all about me but sometimes we can get so caught up in our own lives and forget the fact that our family and friends might need some attending to also. She just about had me in tears. I need to become more aware of those around me who suffer too. They might suffer in different ways than I do but no one is keeping score because suffering is suffering plain and simple. We all go through difficult things throughout our lives, but we should never be so self-absorbed that we are not there for those in need. We can take a break from our own difficult issues and listen to a dear one who is struggling.
My heart went out to her. She has so much to do and her husband will not accept any outside help. I think it’s his pride. No one wants to admit or give in to getting older and needing help, but he really fights it. He is a man that is very dear to me. When I heard how he was doing, it went straight to might heart like a bolt of lightning. He has always been like a father figure to me. I always looked to him for guidance much like a child does with a parent. His wife is quite a bit younger than he is. In fact, I would say twenty years younger. She and I are close in age.
I could just imagine how difficult it must be for her to see the love of her life slowly get worse and worse. Old age is not kind and it’s very humbling. I hope soon that he will let someone else in the house to help her out.
Listening and helping others gets us out of our own heads for a while. In knowing that we suffer in very much the same ways, gives new meaning to the song,
“It’s a small world after all.”

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