Quiet the noise


There are many gifts in life, but few understand the profound knowledge that can be found in the quiet. However, there is noise, be it ever so calm, within our quiet space. They are our thoughts and inner voice.
Even in the stillness and peace of mind, there is a hum of daily activities and of life happening all around us, but it’s off in the distance away from our conscious mind. There are all kinds of noises during the day but when we get caught up in the noise of everyday life and responsibilities, we lose that moment of peace and quiet. When we find our conscious state of stillness and quiet are we able to stay in the beauty of this quiet.
We can even hear sound while we are sleeping. When we assume that we should be at peace and noise free, outside our dreams, there are noises that our minds can pick up when we are sleeping. It might be noises that some do not consider sound. But it’s there and it can interfere with a good night’s sleep.
When I tried to be quiet and still in my living room one night, I became aware of the sweetest sound that I have ever heard. It was my children upstairs sleeping. I could hear them breathing. What a pleasant and enduring sound. If I did not listen to the quiet, I would have not heard it.
In life, there is always some level of white noise. When we think or listen to the noise, we can hear it clearly. If we push this sound farther from our internal dialogue and noisy external dialogue it becomes white noise again.
Can we dissect the white noise of life and pick out the noise that has become an annoying distraction for us? If we turn down the volume of all that noise, can we allow ourselves to sit in silence and listen within? Can we mindfully stay in the present moment to benefit from our own inner wisdom?
Listening is something we do all the time and yet it is a difficult task. My mind has learned to constantly process and react to what I hear rather than to listen in stillness. While in conversations with others can we not hear our own inner dialogue as well. Perhaps we are thinking of what we want to say in our part of the conversation. Maybe it takes stepping back a little, not in an obvious way, but think and listen to our inner wisdom in the quiet peacefulness of our minds and then give a more appropriate response in our conversation.
It is in this awareness of our surroundings, our selves, and others, that we can be in the stillness of quiet and also hear our conversations and the distant noises and this is a truly profound place to be. We absorb impressions and connect with others to a greater degree when we are free of the distractions of noise. It requires energy to be fully present and actively listen to another person. My inner voice has begun to listen, too. There are people out there who possess the ability to have complete receptiveness that can be easily noticed. I have consciously tried to find my way to that state of being, It is not easy but with practice, it is very possible.
If we all really try and really want to, we can hear the noise and the silence almost simultaneously.
What do you hear in the quiet?

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