Character within your core.


As I reached for you,
with childish cries,
I felt a lift and hug and smile.
Comfort was there,
for just a while.
I laid my head upon your shoulders,
with complete trust.
I looked to you for,
love and care.
You answered back,
with attention shared.
Did pain reside in your heart,
but just remained disguised.
A character within your core,
kept hidden in your deepest part?
Was I born to this evil plan?
that was to inflict my life?
I knew not enough about the world.
But I believed it was safe.
Did you know of the monster?
that resided inside you?
Like a ticking clock,
the time would come,
that my whole world would change.
All the good you gave was erased,
by the strange look upon your face.
How fast trust can be shattered.
How fast love turned into pain.
You are my father,
but there is a monster inside you.
I no longer feel safe to reach my arms up for a lift,
or to rest my head upon safe shoulders.
I could no longer look to you
for love and care.
Because now you answer back,
with a heart that’s bare.
What did I do,
to reach that character within your core,
and tap that deepest part?
It was this evil part,
the one that stole you from me.
I could wish and wish for a brand-new start,
but now I am shattered and empty,
and left with a broken heart.


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