I know stress is not healthy but I don’t have the power to chase it away either. I wish that I did. Sadly we are not superheroes. There is a lot going on in my life right now. Exciting things and lots of changes. It’s funny how life has its twists and turns and even a few drop-offs. The road to life is riddled with pits and stones to cause us to stumble. Honestly, though I think that when our life hits a bump in the road it might be a blessing in disguise. Sometimes we need to just sit back, take a breath and just check in with ourselves, ask questions. Why did I just fall, could it be saying, “maybe I am moving to fast and or making a wrong decision. We all could be like Robert Frost who said, “I saw two roads diverged in a wood and I chose the one less traveled by and it has made all the difference.” But that was his choice. It may not necessarily be our choice of direction.
How do I know if I am really going down the right road right now? Yes, there are problems that need to be resolved. So I think that for just now I will examine where I am going and where I’ve been. I mean really examine them. There are a lot of roads in life. There are freeways that cars are driving so fast that you wonder where they are going in such a hurry. Have they missed their life? There are roads that are all overgrown as if no one has been there in a long, long while. What’s wrong with this road. I can wonder about this overgrown road while choosing another. Is there a right road or a wrong road in life? I have heard many people ask that question. I don’t really know if they get their answer. It’s all just about choices. It can be because we have to stop and help a family member out. It’s not where we thought we would go but it was important that we did. I know that women always say, “why is it so hard for guys to ask for direction.” But in life, at times, I think we all are a little unsure of our direction. Some just go with the flo………whatever that means. Some stay on a determined path of success. Personally, I want to go down the road that makes God happy and me happy and my family happy. I want the road that my heavenly father wants for me. Only then will I truly be happy.


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