Saturday is going to become my “fun day”


My Husband and I have been going shopping a lot together lately and believe me, that’s a good thing. We have so much fun together joking and laughing. It is like that at home too. We have gotten so much closer as a couple. We will be married 40 Years this June. I can’t believe its 40. Where did the time go? We are not old. We married young.  We are still in our fifties. I do have to say, that my mind feels way-younger than my body feels. There are a lot more aches and pains. But it’s not too bad.

I came home today and did some housework. Then I asked myself, “what is it that we can do for fun today to sort-of switch things around for a change. Sometimes, its even the smallest of pleasant changes that can make a big difference.  So I started brainstorming about things to do together. That’s not easy because my husband is not an easy person, to please. I have to try anyway. I’ll think of something. I will post tomorrow about what I came up with.

I think Saturday is going to be, “our” fun day!


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