Tummy Trouble


Our moods can become  affected by so many things in life. Death, weddings, illness etc, can possitively or negitively affect our mood.

I have a hiatal-hernia and this causes stomach acids to shoot up into my esophagus. Its called heartburn and its very painful. My throat burns like it’s on fire. My chest hurts like I am having a heart attack. I am usually on medication for it but I ran out and have not been able to get any. My dear husband is going out today for me to purchase it.

I’ve heard it said that, once you start that medication, you have to take it all the time. I can’t help but wonder, is it the medication that is making the problem worse and worse causing me to take it more often?

When I am physically uncomfortable, its like time stands still until its resolved. I hate that! When I was a little girl, I often hid how I was feeling to try to keep unwanted attention.  It was easier that way. I could stay out of sight for a while and be safe. It did not always work. It was one of the many coping skills I learned out of desperation to feel safe. I hated it, and it’s not fair, that I so badly needed attention and to have my parents care for my needs when I was sick but I felt like I had to get by on my own.

Children really are amazing and we can learn so much from them. That is one reason why it is so important to keep them safe. They are precious in God’s eyes and they should be precious in ours. You don’t harm something precious!

Well, I am looking for my medication relief today but unfortunately I have to wait until late in the afternoon. He has to go to a meeting and he is going to stop after that and then come home.

Molly, my golden retriever has to wait to as she is out of food. She does not like that at all. She just sits by her bowl and cries. I gave her some leftover spaghetti to hold her off till my husband gets home. It’s not really good for her but its better than having her cry out of need and frustration.

I did not sleep well last night for obvious reasons. I got a few hours of rest early this morning. I might still take a nap in the afternoon. It will help pass time until I get my med.

I need to find something constructive to do today because it always makes me feel better to have some accomplishments in my day. Although I am grumpy because of how I feel, I can still find something to do to help myself feel better. It’s a good skill to help with difficult emotions as well. Believe me, I have had a lot of practice with that!


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