The Key


Her world in a word,
She views the world,
from the outside in.
If there are reachable goals,
they are goals she cannot win.
If she is to profit from her life,
she must not hide,
she must be seen.
Who could know her ability.
The piece of herself that she holds so dearly,
if she does not try.
Who can know her heart,
when so much wasted time has gone by?
She is close to the door.
The one to which she chooses to ignore.
Beyond the door there is a constant,
movement and growth.
This can give birth to those,
beautiful things on her mind.
It’s what she wants the most.
So those beautiful things,
can all be revealed in time.
And yet instead she feels the need to hide,
over those ugly stories told over time.
This door is hiding her hope.
And so she finds it difficult to cope.
Her heart carries the key!
And so she pleads to her heart.
Lets just see.
And so she does.
Where there is an effort to start,
her beauty might shine.
She can feel alive!
But only for a short time.
For she does not know her heart.
How would she know what she could do?
Does she know that,
all that she needs to do is reach,
and tell the stories known to her,
that made her feel so weak?
Does she know her words,
are filled with wisdom,
and understanding,
that only she could impart?
Because they always come,
straight from her heart.
There is a question to be perused,
and she knows that the key must be a clue.
She acknowledges a need to change.
A great transformation
where so much is gained.
First she must shake off the burdens,
and memories on her mind.
All those fears,
that had wasted her time.
It all was not her fault.
To this she must realize.
She tries the key and it fits.
How exciting to know,
that this key that’s been hiding,
really fits the door.
And in such a way that she cant ignore.
Turning ever so slowly,
she is cautious,
but with great excitement on her mind.
She is curious about the wide open world she’ll find.
“So they say its not my fault,
she repeats to herself.”
“I am an individual,
with an open heart.”
So she must do away with the memories,
that so darkened her sole,
and the possibilities that it stole.
The burdens that held her back,
from the vision within her sight,
that she can now dream of things brighter.
Not just for a day.
But everyday of her life.
In this seeing of the outside in,
there must be a change.
Seeing this view is much too strange.
The key was the answer all along.
It was the key to her heart,
The door was just a start.
As she steps just right,
her surreal world,
opens bright.
She finally lives.
And all she had to do was begin!

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