Can We Erase The Past?

“Trust is like a piece of paper….once it is crumbled it can not be perfect ever again.”
The truth is that there is just too much in my life that time cannot erase! There are many memories of the past that I would like to erase but it is just not possible. Its been really difficult lately I have to admit. Just when I think that I am through dealing with my painful past I feel propelled back into it against my will. PTSD is a disorder that effects many dealing with trauma. If only I could wish it all way as if I had a wand that could tap a certain part of my brain and heal it. Unfortunately it does not work that way. Our brain is an interesting organ indeed. It has the ability to hold memories until such day that it deems safe to release them. The fact that the past is still effecting me might be because it is trying to help me work through something important that can affect my life now for the better. I must trust in the process. I want freedom from the past and the pain that I continue to endure as a result of it. It takes a determined effort. I will push through. You can too!




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