Nervous Day


I was worried how today would go with therapy and then right after that a doctor’s appointment.

Therapy was pretty easy today. I did not bring Molly my (ESA) because my doctor appointment was right after therapy and I did not want her left in the car. She hates being in the car to begin with. I am trying to get her more comfortable on car trips. She is always so nervous and shaky. She wines like she’s dying but she is just scared. She is ok in therapist office as long as I bring some treats and her toys. She is very supportive of me when I am upset, thus the “emotional support animal”. When a person is working on difficult trauma, to be able to just pet a dog or hug a dog is very calming and peaceful. Molly brings down my anxiety fairly quickly. I love her so much. She is so infectious! It is hard not to watch her play or even just stare at her because she is so darn cute all the time. She is cute even when she is bad.

My doctor’s appointment went well. It turns out that I need to take some probiotic to help with my tummy trouble.

So all-an-all, it was a good day. I am always nervous anyway. I am like then whenever I leave the house to go anywhere. But, I still have to do it and so I push myself. Maybe, I challenge myself is a better choice of words. I am always glad that did. I build up more and more confidence, the more I do it.

It’s around 6:30 and all is well in our tiny little house on the hill.


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