Time to get back blogging


I have been away from my blog for far too long now. I want that feeling of helping others like me understand that they are not alone. It’s possible to know that people are there and still feel alone. But when you connect in this most intimate way with other survivors there is a feeling of strength that is understood and appreciated.

I have been having a difficult time lately. I think it is because I am working on the most difficult memories in therapy. Only survivors can understand on a deep level how difficult it is to function in your life while dealing with the nightmares of your past.

It’s hard to put into words the depth and damage of the past sometimes.

As hard as it is, I need to express the pain of what happened. That takes going into those memories and processing them. It is a brave thing to do and survivors need to acknowledge that about themselves. It’s very important and it’s validating. There are some things in life that you cant be taught to understand if you haven’t actually experienced them. I struggle from day to day with this turmoil. I have been going through this for a very long time. I feel that the farther you go on a journey the less you want to give up.


Never give up!


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