I’ve reached an impasse

brick wall blocking the doorway

Definition of impasse- a predicament affording no obvious escape. (Websters Dictionary)

I feel frozen in my progress. I fear going forward. I should know by now,  to not let my fear stand in my way on this journey of recovery from child abuse.

I do believe that this is temporary.  I have been here before and I will be here again.

I need to be honest about where I am at. I have to and want to be honest at all times with my readers.  So if I am down for a while then it speaks to the complexities of recovery of such damage!

I am determined to move forward. Understanding why I am stuck will help me to continue forward.  My goal is to be successful not only in exposing all my fathers lies and secrets but to become triumphant on my journey of recovery and my desire to inspire others to find there voice. By speaking our voice we put the perpetrator right where they belong, far below us.



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