The day after


Its Monday morning. Yes, I did manage to get about 6 hours of sleep. My mood is a bit better. I am glad for that. I have therapy today and this will help further in my efforts to de-stress. But also, to figure out what is causing me to feel this way without much let-up.

My gut feeling about all of this is that I have come to the point in my therapy where I know that I need to talk about the worst memories. To me that is terrifying. Emdr does take the charge off the memory so that it becomes manageable. But I first have to delve into the memories and talk about them and feel the emotions. The more that I work on it the more the fear of it subsides.

I will continue to do this.  I want something better for my life than just existing from day today.


2 thoughts on “The day after

  1. Dear Linda – I have been reading through some of your posts and I want to thank you for boldly sharing your experiences and helping shine the light on childhood abuse. I too, am a survivor of childhood abuse and today, walk in freedom from the pain and dysfunction it caused in my life. The road to healing is not easy and sometimes takes a lifetime of reminding ourselves that we are beautiful, fully-loved, worthy-of-love, washed clean by God, children of God and that the abuse did not and does not define who we are. My favorite Scripture, which was given to me on a coin when I graduated a treatment program is Psalm 139:14 – “I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Linda, you are fearfully and wonderfully made, always and forever, no matter what the memory voices in your mind try to tell you. Keep walking your healing journey, you’re doing great – you will get there! I am praying for you ❤
    Thank you for stopping by my site and following my blog. I am now following yours and look so forward to following your journey. God bless you ❤


    1. Windy, Thank you so much for a beautifully said comment. You brought tears to my eyes.
      Happy Tears. Thanks it was just what I needed today! I look forward to reading your blog. I am sorry that you too had to deal with the horrors of child abuse. Thanks for speaking your voice. It is such an encouragement to other survivors!

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