Cat and mouse chase


Max is chasing a very large mouse in my house.  Clearly it’s not a mole, I hate those things, and clearly, it’s not a rat. However, it is a big fat mouse. I saw it as it hurried by with Max just behind him and closing in. The mouse ran from one end of the wall to the couch with Max on his tail until Max smacked head-on into the back of the couch. He was too big to fit. My husband first saw this pest in the bathroom as I heard him scream like a girl. It was hilarious!

I am going to keep doors closed for now so that Max does not have to fight with the mouse all throughout the house. I am going to pick up a live mousetrap to try to lure him in with some peanut butter. Actually, it could be a girl. By the size, of it, I would swear it was pregnant.

If I catch it,  I will take him for a little drive and let him free to roam and find a new home. He or she better not find its way back here or send any of its friends knowing I won’t kill them. My husband, now that’s a different matter altogether. He wants to kill him. Well, this is all for now of our mouse in the house saga. I will keep you informed.
It’s such a break sometimes to have an adventure even if it is in your own home. Find ways to laugh and even play. Just because we are adults does not mean we cannot have fun. Especially for those of us who have had their childhood stolen away. Jump in puddles and dance in the rain. Don’t worry about who is watching. They might either be jealous or jump right in to join you. Be free to express your inner child. They’ve been there all along waiting for you to play.


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