Tough Day

Being sensitive is got its down side.

Today in group, I waited and waited for the therapist to check in with me like she does with everyone, well almost everyone. I was having a bad day and the fact that I was not noticed made it even worse. This program has changed so much over the years and not for the better. Well, because I am sensitive I get hurt very easily when I am not noticed. I felt like I did when I was a kid, invisible and what I had to say meant nothing.

So I quit IOP today without warning or explanation. All she had to say was ok.

I am going back to my therapist.

I am not angry. I am just disappointed. I will get over it pretty quickly. I won’t let something like that take away from all my successes and hard work.

I am a survivor.

I am sensitive and I won’t change that about myself because that is who I am.


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